LeadingAge National: Varsity’s Key Takeaways – Varsity Branding

Once again, Varsity participated in LeadingAge National, which was held last week in Boston. We wanted to share a few key themes we heard from keynote speakers and in conversation with conference participants (or attendees).

  • What residents miss in care settings: Friendships, privacy and purpose — three brand attributes organizations should be chasing
  • Boomers want to be the author of their  story as they age: An insight that can help communities design their offerings
  • When investing in technology, pay for outcomes, not the device: Seems logical, but we’re not sure this is fully embedded in provider strategy
  • Demographics are disruptive: More attention must be paid to the impact of demographics on aging service organizations
  • Live longer. Live better: Nice tagline, and it reinforces that aging is about quality of life, rather than quantity
  • Project Namestorm: “Life Plan Community,” an alternative to the name “CCRC,” was introduced
  • Transition of leadership: From the top (Larry Minnix) to individual communities, we need to nurture the next generation of leaders
  • The LGBT campground: A bold symbol of inclusiveness at the show
  • The role of faith in branding and appeal: It’s about mission and non-profit status rather than specific denominational affiliation 
  • The transitional generation is impacting communities NOW: We must appeal to the needs and desires of the Boomer while serving long-time residents from the silent generation 

One last insight to leave you with: According to our new study, “From the Outside In,” 0% of residents used the Yellow Pages to begin their search for a retirement community.

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