6 Grand Ways to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day in Senior Living – Varsity Branding

Just a reminder: Grandparents’ Day is this Sunday, September 13! Here are simple suggestions communities can use to make this Grandparents’ Day the grandest ever.

  1. Bring a smile to a resident’s face, with a “Happy Grandparents’ Day!”
  1. Post pictures of residents with their grandchildren on your community Facebook page.
  1. Encourage your community book club to read a book that highlights the important role of a grandparent.
  1. Feature a special story of a grandparent resident in your community newsletter.
  1. Ask grandparents to share photos of their grandchildren at an afternoon coffee or tea.
  1. Encourage grandparents to display photos of their grandchildren on the doors of their residences.

Find more grand ways to celebrate here.

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