Who Reads More, Millennials or Seniors? – Varsity Branding

Studies show that seniors who read stay mentally sharper and have a lower risk of dementia. But the truth about their reading habits is surprising.

According to a Pew Research study, only 70% of seniors have read a book in the last year, compared to 79% of millennials.

If your community library is appealing and well stocked, it could encourage more residents to read on a regular basis.  Below are some affordable suggestions to help make your library more inviting.

  1. Be creative about book donations. Book fairs, garage sales, resident donations, and organizations like Better World Books are all good sources.
  2. Recruit volunteers—especially former librarians. They can lead other volunteers and get your library into shape.
  3. Build community partnerships. Trading donations and cross-promoting literary events with your local library can be mutually beneficial.
  4. Hold a unique fundraising event. One Texas community held a highly successful three-day book festival complete with local authors.
  5. Get inspiration. Check Pinterest and other sites to see the innovative ideas other libraries have used.
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