5 Senior Living Trends with a Common Connection – Varsity Branding

What do many of the trends we’ve spotted lately have in common? They all do one important thing: nurture ties among people and communities.

  1. Connecting to Generations: Avanti Senior Living brainstormed with kids to create meals, programs and events just for them.
  1. Connecting to the Community: Smart design draws in locals through community centers, gyms, art galleries and restaurants, all of which are open to the public.
  1. Connecting to Safety: Residents at Episcopal Senior Communities wear pendants that connect them to the staff via wifi, so they feel safe anywhere on campus.
  1. Connecting to Discovery: “The Magic Table,” created by Dutch start-up, Active Cues, and reported in Mintel, allows residents to interact with words, images and games beamed down on a table from a smart projector.
  1. Connecting to Nature: A multisensory immersion environment in The Goodman Group’s memory care unit includes plant walls, ocean scents and star-like lighting.

How does your organization help people connect?

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