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If you’re in the Continuing Care at Home space, you already know the challenges programs can face, which can look very different in year three (or later) than they do in year one.

To help professionals from programs across the country come together and address their individual and collective obstacles, we’re holding quarterly hybrid CCaH sessions. The next session will be tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET. Sign up now if you haven’t already by emailing .

An Early Look at Our Special Guest’s Presentation

We’d like to introduce our special guest, Steve Hopkins, CEO of the Jordan River Group. Here is a preview of the insider perspective he will be bringing to our session.

After extensive research, combined with his experience working with CCaH organizations, Steve has found that starting a program, although a major challenge, is not the primary challenge. Accelerating its progress is. He has tracked the progress of several programs, and his findings were that roughly 70% (including some programs he helped launch) were underperforming after five to seven years. One market study Steve recently completed showed that there were 8,000 age- and income-qualified older adults in the area, yet the program had only 200 members. Not only that, there are only about 40 programs across the country — and there is room for many more.

Steve is passionate about the field of CCaH and wants there to be more programs for older adults to consider, and more success for those programs.

In this session, he will be asking the question, “What are the barriers that prevent those who launch a program from accelerating it to its best scale? He’ll share the results of his research and the insights he has gleaned that can help programs reach their maximum potential.

Steve will cover challenges such as:

  • How to prevent a CCaH program from plateauing at a certain level of market penetration
  • Why organizations that offer residential living need to use a completely different approach to market their associated CCaH programs
  • The barriers that prevent really good prospective providers from going forward
  • Why it’s important to accelerate early growth so that a large member base with fewer health needs can help programs achieve long-term financial stability
  • Why it’s critical for the aging services industry to strengthen its position in CCaH now — so that insurance companies don’t create their own offerings and take over the field

Don’t miss Steve’s vibrant discussion at tomorrow’s CCaH Working Session,10 a.m.–2 p.m. ET. The agenda will also include general sharing from participants and discussion on our qualitative survey results and quantitative interview insights. To sign up, contact Derek Dunham at .

About the Presenter

Steve Hopkins brings 20 years of experience in senior living to the table. He spent his first decade as Chief Operating Officer of Evangelical Homes of Michigan, complemented by a second decade with a specialized focus on the CCaH space. As CEO of the Jordan River Group, he has worked directly with six organizations to launch CCaH programs.

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