What does the typical scam victim look like? – Varsity Branding

Elderly, frail, uneducated and with a lower income? Surprisingly, no. Those most at risk are actually younger, more educated and well off. According to a new study by the Better Business Bureau, 69 percent of scam victims are under 45, and 78 percent are college-educated.

Other surprising facts:

  • Eighty-nine percent of seniors approached by a scammer recognized the scam in time, and only 11 percent lost money.
  • Three times as many 18‒24-year-olds failed to recognize a scam, and 34 percent reported losing money.

A few reasons for this:

  • Younger people think they’re invulnerable to scams.
  • They are more likely to shop online.
  • Seniors are more scam-savvy.

Another stereotype about age debunked.

We’re all vulnerable to scams, at any age. Find tips on protecting yourself here.

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